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Inspirational lessons from my life

The real thing or the knock off version

I have developed an admiration for the beauty of the different types of jewelry and precious stones over the years.  For me, the more intricate a piece of jewelry is, the more beautiful it becomes.  I’ve purchased quite a few items from the jewelry stores over the years and I’ve learned, there’s a big difference […]

Quit looking back

I was recently helping my daughter with her Math homework.  She’s in the third grade and currently learning multiplication tables.  I was pretty good in Math though I remember how difficult multiplication tables were for me initially.  She was getting a little frustrated as the goal was to finish a timed test filled with questions.  To […]

What are you doing with your power?

While visiting the East campus of our new church a few weeks ago I met a sweet lady named Vickie.  As we were introducing ourselves it came up in conversation that she was once a personnel manager at a particular business establishment.  We began discussing her past responsibilities as she began reciting a long list […]

Too big for their britches!

“Please just listen to me and do what I asked!!!”  I raised my voice in frustration.  I had tried to speak calmly and extend an above-average amount of patience but the constant “why” and “why not” was becoming a bit frustrating.  My daughter is 9 years old now and has been attempting to stretch her […]

What will you do with what you have left?

From an early age it was very apparent to me, my family wasn’t rich.  We weren’t the type of folks that could walk in a store and decide on a whim we would make a purchase based off our personal desires.  My Dad worked hard for years in the textile mill setting and then later in […]

Where is God?

I remember it like it was yesterday.  I was 16 years old and had the whole world in front of me….and no way to get out there. I had just gotten my license and I was overly ready to be on the open road.  I begged for my own car for months and submitted quite […]

Baby-momma drama…

Recently, we were spending an evening at home while my wife was out of town. Being the helpful child he is, my son asked to assist me in the chores I was doing around the house. I agreed but limited his interaction with the cleaning supplies while promising he could do more in the future. […]

That stain in the carpet

This past week, our church had our annual fall outreach activity. It is a three-night ordeal where we bless the children with copious amounts of candy but, to get it, they must go through an interactive journey through the Bible. Over the course of 45 minutes they walk from room to room. While there they […]

What cup are you serving?

I recently made a quick morning trip to pick up a few dozen sweet treats to share with those volunteering for one of our church activities. As I approached the strip of stores I was forced to stop short of being able to enter the parking lot. Getting frustrated by the wait, I carefully pulled […]


I have friends and family who have chosen to serve our country in many different branches of the military. While I have never enlisted and don’t have actual experiences in this area I’ll admit, I’ve always been fascinated by the actual process of becoming a soldier. There are many hours of preparation and training that […]