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Are you abiding?

My wife and I were chatting a few days ago as we were getting ready for work. We were discussing how comical it is that our children get up and get ready for school/daycare but somehow end up in our bed where they stay until it’s time to go. This happens (almost) on a daily […]

Being present

I love my children with all my heart but, at times, I have a hard time simply “being present.”  I’m not necessarily referring to my actual physical presence being in the room with them.  I’m referring to being present emotionally and in other ways.  Life is crazy.  My wife and I both work jobs that […]


My children come to me constantly asking for different things ranging from toys to animals and everything in between.  Part of me wants to give them everything their little heart’s desire.  Part of me realizes I would be raising spoiled monsters if I parented in that way.    Some things may fall into the realm of […]

Anxiety is a real problem. Depression is a real problem.

My goal for my life and this blog have always been to take my shortcomings and put it out there so others can realize they aren’t alone in their own struggles. While I feel I’m finally approaching a season where I feel the fog lifting, during the past six months, I have felt like I […]

Who stays at your pressure point?

We all face times in our lives that are pressure points.  Even Jesus, who was God and man all in one, faced times where He felt all alone.  At His loneliest point He asked his disciples to stay with Him and pray (Matthew 26:38).  Often we feel the leading up to the pressure point and […]

Fix your face!

My family and I were recently in our vehicle stopped at an intersection because of a red light. My five-year-old son (who loves to read everything he sees lately) made mention of a woman standing at the corner with a large sign around her neck. I heard him reading the sign in the seat behind […]

….it was too late.

Recently I took it upon myself to paint the privacy fence that goes around my backyard. It was something I had been meaning to do for months but had never gotten around to.  I ran to our local Lowe’s and picked up everything I needed.  It was somewhat of a windy but hot day so […]


Grief. I hate that word. I know hate is such a strong word but, hate….yes, that’s the word. Grief is a thief.  It takes and doesn’t give back.  It robs you, sometimes, when you least expect it.  Like a hurricane that blows in and wrecks everything in its path. When you finally have the strength to […]

Your yucky place……

Have you ever found yourself in a predicament you couldn’t seem to get out of?  While you would like to blame others for your misfortune, truth be told, it was your fault you were stuck there (wherever your there is) in the first place.  We have a 6 month old puppy named Rufus.  He’s very […]

My wife smells…..

My wife smells. It’s really crazy. You wouldn’t imagine that scent could come from her but, good grief!  My wife smells……so good!!!  For as long as I’ve known her she has this daily routine.  After her shower filled with soaps, shampoos, and conditioners she continues by using scented lotions, adding sweet smelling deodorants, fixes her hair […]