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Inspirational lessons from my life

That stain in the carpet

This past week, our church had our annual fall outreach activity. It is a three-night ordeal where we bless the children with copious amounts of candy but, to get it, they must go through an interactive journey through the Bible. Over the course of 45 minutes they walk from room to room. While there they […]

What cup are you serving?

I recently made a quick morning trip to pick up a few dozen sweet treats to share with those volunteering for one of our church activities. As I approached the strip of stores I was forced to stop short of being able to enter the parking lot. Getting frustrated by the wait, I carefully pulled […]


I have friends and family who have chosen to serve our country in many different branches of the military. While I have never enlisted and don’t have actual experiences in this area I’ll admit, I’ve always been fascinated by the actual process of becoming a soldier. There are many hours of preparation and training that […]

Order of operations

Weeks, months and (eventually) years passed as we waited for the moment. You know the one I’m talking about. It’s that moment you realize your hopes and desires have been fulfilled and you are now expecting a bundle of joy. Countless doctors visits, medicines, embarrassing procedures and….nothing. “Wait, God! You promised me a family.” Nothing. […]

….a level of expectancy….

Our family owns a dog. When he knows we’re home you can find him staring back and forth between the kitchen window (nearest his pen) and the sliding glass door. He’s eagerly awaiting with expectation and in anticipation of his next meal. Weeks ago, our state was slated for a direct hit by Hurricane Irma. […]

A Christian’s response to the Las Vegas shooting and other tragedies

My emotions are in overdrive today. It’s just too much. Another mass shooting. This one in Las Vegas. Lately, I’m finding myself speechless at the senseless acts taking place around me. There’s so much hatred at every turn. By now, one would assume we would have learned to agree to disagree without verbally or physically […]

Your eyes will lie to you

Bed time every night with our kids can be a bit of a chore. Many nights we have to start our routine early as our kids like to do things on their own time frame without being rushed. A few nights ago my son (the slowest and most hard-headed of the two) finished his routine […]

Processing my anxiety

It was a beautiful day outside.  The sun was shining, the temperature was 75 degrees, and there was a constant breeze with this slightest hint of the arrival of fall.  All around me were trees, manicured grounds, and nature highlighted by the sound of the lake lapping at the shoreline.  I’m not the outdoorsy type […]

He’s always there.

Recently, my daughter attended her first church lock-in. When I arrived to pick her up from the church her eyes were a little swollen and blood shot but the smile on her face told me she had a blast. As soon as she came home we sent her to bed and she slept for nearly […]

Get to steppin’!

Year ago I saw a movie titled Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.  Though I’ve seen quite a few of the movies in the franchise, this one was one of my favorites because of the Christian undertones.  There was one particular scene I enjoyed the most.  It was when Indiana Jones was poised to cross […]